Villa Lykos - Plitvice Lakes

Villa Lykos Plitvice

Villa Lykos - About us

Villa Lykos is situated in the centre of Plitvice Lakes National park. Villa Lykos is named after greek word lykos which means wolf because our region Lika is a land of wolves and got its name for that reason.

Our villa is surrounded by the nature and you can only be disturbed by sounds of nature like bird's songs, bees, etc.

Our secured parking lot is located right by the house. The biggest lake of National park is called Kozjak and is only 1 km distance from our house. If you go for a walk that takes only 20 minutes you will get to the starting point of the Plitvice lakes sightseeing tour. A bus stop is located near our house, so you can come here even without your vehicle and you will still be able to see the entire park in all its glory.

Plitvice Lakes National Park

Plitvice Lakes became National park in 1949. and it is the most famous national park in Croatia. Plitvice lakes are unique miracle of nature which consists of 16 big and few small lakes that are lying at different altitude and are separated by travertine barriers and linked by foamy waterfalls and cascades. Nature has left us a beautiful treasure, which consists of 14 caves, 1146 plant species, 140 species of birds, bears, foxes, wolves, wild cats and mammals.

Tourists can take a tour of Plitvice Lakes alone because many wood bridges are located all around the park, there are also paths through the forest, trains and boats. Jaques Cousteau has recorded everything about this park on his famous trip. This national park is a one of the world's unique beauties and it is under UNESCO protection.